Section 73 FAQs

How do I get a Section 73 Certificate?

There are four steps to getting a Sydney Water Section 73 Certificate:

Step 1 - Apply

Your first step is to complete and send the Application Form along with:

  • A cheque for the current Section 73 Certificate application fee ($305 as at October 2000)
  • Two copies of the development/subdivision plan as approved by (or proposed to) council – scale must be 1:1000, showing area of each lot
  • A copy of your council’s Development Consent (if granted) – you may apply for a Section 73 Certificate before you have council Development Consent.

If you plan an unsubdivided dual occupancy, you should consider requirements for future subdivision – this can avoid additional costs such as moving newly laid services.

Step 2 - Receive notice of requirements

You will receive Notice of Requirements.

You will receive a Notice of Requirements specifying what you need to do to obtain your certificate. The notice will be based on an assesment of your proposal and its impact on Sydney Water’s systems and will specify:

  • works needed to ensure each lot in your development has a frontage to a watermain and a connection point to a sewermain (private water/sewer house service lines in easements or joint service arrangements are not acceptable)
  • charges payable (see step 3).
  • any other requirements such as amplification or adjustment of the system or building over sewer protection.

If works are required, an agreement covering the works will be included. You must sign this agreement and return both copies to Sydney Water.

If you apply before receiving council consent, you will receive a ‘Letter Pending Development’, identifying what to do if council approves your application.

Step 3 - Pay charges and build works

Charges may include:

  • developer charges
  • contract administration fees
  • reticulation recovery fees (your contribution towards reticulation works benefiting your development already provided by Sydney Water or another developer).

If works need to be built:

You must engage a Sydney Water accredited contractor to carry out the works at your cost. Once works are completed satisfactorily, they are taken over as part of the Sydney Water system.

If works affect adjacent properties, your accredited contractor should negotiate access. You may need to pay compensation and/or look at ways to minimise impact. Allow considerable time for this process.

Step 4 - Receive Section 73 Certificate

Once all requirements have been met, Sydney Water will send you a Section 73 Certificate. You can then provide a copy of this to council.