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Note: Water usage and discharge figures must be supplied with application.
If Commercial or industrial the total building footprint must be supplied with application.


Describe below and indicate whether subdivision is required or forms part of Council's approval (i.e. Strata / Torrens / Community / Stratum subdivision)

Note: A feasibility application is made when a Development Consent has not been obtained from Council and the developer wishes to ascertain Sydney Water's anticipated requirements.
A Section 73 Certificate is not issued on these types of applications.

The following is to be sent, and is required before an application can be made to Sydney Water:

  1. A full copy of Councils Development Consent Document (PDF Copy). This is not required with Feasibility Applications.
  2. A full set of Council Approved Architectural plans showing site boundaries (PDF or DWG Format ONLY).
  3. A copy of Subdivision plans (PDF or DWG Format ONLY) if applicable.
  4. A cheque made out to Sydney Wide Coordinators for application charges.
    Please contact the office on 8850 3861 or 8850 6283 or 8850 6457, and pricing will be confirmed.

I hereby apply for a Section 73 Certificate under Division 9 of the Sydney Water Act of 1994 for the above development.
I understand I may be required to make payments and provide potable water / waste water services at my expense before a certificate is issued. I acknowledge this application does not cover aspects of the development detailed in this receipt.

I agree